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Facts About Ottawa

Do Ottawa museums offer free entry on Thursdays?

Free entry, on Thursdays, is allowed by some Ottawa museums.

Notably, the Canada War Museum and the Canadian Museum of History grant visitors free entry on Thursdays, between the hours of 4 and 8 pm; in addition to free whole day entry during Remembrance Day and Canada Day.

Free entry on Thursdays, and Canada Day, is allowed at the National Gallery of Canada and the Canada Museum of Nature between 5 and 8 pm.

Are the beaches in Ottawa open?

During the Ottawa beach season, the local beaches allow public access.

Is Uber available in Ottawa?

Uber services have been available in Ottawa since 2016.

Is there a subway system in Ottawa?

There is no subway system in the city of Ottawa.

Is Ottawa supplied with hard water?

Ottawa is not supplied with hard water. Ottawa’s water is soft since the total hardness in the city’s main water supply is 30 ppm (mg/L).

Is Lyft available in Ottawa?

As of 2018, Lyft services have been available in Ottawa.

Is PRESTO used in Ottawa?

PRESTO is used in Ottawa.

Is French used in Ottawa?

Although there is a notable French speaking minority English is the main language used in Ottawa; about 37 percent of the city’s population is bilingual. Native English speakers make up the largest percentage of the city’s residents.

Can you find a zoo in Ottawa?

Little Ray’s Reptile and Papanack Park are the two zoos found in Ottawa.

Can you find an airport in Ottawa?

The Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport is Ottawa’s main airport.

Does Ottawa conduct plastic bag recycling?

Currently, Ottawa does not recycle plastic bags.